Thursday, January 8, 2015

So, what is it you do here?

Welcome to my blog! This is my first crack at it so helpful hints, tips, and tricks are appreciated! Just go easy on me; I'm an engineer by day so my writing skills are not as artful as the wine we'll be tasting.

My main goal is for each post to cover the tasting of at least one wine. On the way I'll discuss the how-to behind wine tasting. In my experience, wine experts attempt to make wine tasting into this complex scientific process that makes you feel like a raccoon on groundhog day (or like you showed up to the ball wearing Converse)! While wine tasting can be a complex scientific process, since most of us won't become experts one day (and if you are/do and you're reading this blog, I want to meet you!), I will attempt to break the tasting process down for the rest of us.
*Side note - I wanted to call this blog Wine For The Rest Of Us but somebody already has that taken. Not that they've posted in oh about 6 years or anything (and I'm not bitter of course) but here we are so here we go!

I will be using the very clever and insanely simple Wine Journal by Knock Knock to track my tastings. I discovered this journal at one of those kitschy book stores in a small town in Delaware and immediately felt a kindred spirit in how they approach wine. I would highly recommend purchasing one if you want a place to track your wine. Each entry asks the important questions plus a few more in an easy to understand format.

The best way to taste wines is with friends and food. The first not only gives you a partner to laugh with if you just opened the worst wine possible; but also expands your horizons in how the same wine can taste completely different to different people. A good friend of mine has basically the total opposite taste in wine as I do and that makes her the perfect companion. We can almost always swap wines we don't like and it's great for my blog to get a different perspective! The second is best covered in a separate post but rest assured, I won't leave you hanging!

I think that about covers it for now. I hope I've piqued your interest (and your taste buds) and you're ready to dive into this fascinating, complex, and--after a few rounds--not so scary world of wine!